School Road is the home of a new eatery!

Located in Spencer’s market next to Thai Moon is School Road Deli, serving up hot sandwiches and cold drinks. Under the same ownership as Thai Moon, School Road Deli serves fresh deli meats, cheeses, and sauces; provides an array of juices, sodas, and water; has three beers on tap from Foothills Craft Brews out of Winston-Salem, NC.; and will be serving wine by the glass.

Owner Rob Dennis credits local Matthew Tolson with much of the menu selections, dessert creations, and describes the establishment as “simple, clean, and tasty.”

Matthew, a self-taught kitchen guru, has spent his life working in the food industry and creating delicious meals with his family. About his childhood and family he said, “We’re all foodies. We were always in the kitchen.”  Now Matthew is the kitchen manager at the deli. Matthew’s culinary talents don’t end with meals though; he also creates scrumptious homemade blackberry truffles which will be available most days.

The menu items are all school- and history-themed, which came about from group brainstorming sessions, and there are also daily specials and gluten-free options. Herbs are picked fresh from the garden and add excellent flavors to salads and sandwiches. The sandwiches are served hot, unless otherwise requested, and come with fresh seasonal fruit and a pickle. Side salads and chips are available for an extra charge.[A+ menu options]
A+ menu options

School Road Deli accepts cash, credit, and local checks, but an online system that will launch soon can make sandwiching experience even easier.  You’ll be able to place your order and pay online, then just go into the deli to pick everything up. This service will be ready in the near future and will allow clientele to customize their order just as they would as a walk-in. But don’t fret, walk-ins will still be welcomed, and seating areas are provided for those that wish to eat-in!

A comfortable lounge area inside the deli, built by local carpenter Len Skinner, is a great place to relax while your order is being prepared. Rob designed the layout of the interior, and Len built the lounge area from salvaged materials, giving it a unique look. Outside, there’s a shaded deck area with tables and chairs. Soon there will be counters built, allowing bar-type seating for patrons.

Operating hours for now are 11am – 5pm, but shortly those hours will be expanding. Along with the expanded hours comes an expanded staff. Rebecca Johnson will be the daytime register operator, Peyton Piquard will be a daytime sandwich chef, Olivia Nelson will come in as the nighttime register operator, and Rob Dennis will be the nighttime sandwich chef.[Extra credit!]
Extra credit!

And speaking of sandwiches, here are some of the great options available at School Road Deli! The ham is low-sodium, the sauces are gluten-free, and all the meats, cheeses, and sauces are provided by Boar’s Head. Rob will be allowing visitors who are staying on Ocracoke for several nights or more the option to provide their own specialty bread. Breads available from the deli are Kaiser Rolls, Rye bread, Texas toast, and sub rolls. Gluten-free rolls will be available at the deli for all the sandwich choices, too. Non-alcoholic beverages available include soft drinks, fruit drinks and juices, and water. Plus, as mentioned before, draft beer served in 16oz cups, and wine by the glass. Go treat yourself to a fantastic meal at School Road Deli!

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